Camping Solar Kit

The Litio Solar Home System Kit combines long life products with easy Plug & Play installation. The Lithium Battery System`s built-in solar battery MPPT charger, battery monitoring system and load output control optimise the conditions for a long battery lifespan. The advanced LCD display provides the user with valuable and precise system information. The charge indicator shows the remaining operation time calculation/display and can help the user to manage his energy consumption. The USB outlet allows many 5V USB devices to be recharged or operated. Common 12V loads can be operated by the system. 

The Sunflower LED Lamp’s unique heat sink design and high frequency LED driver and included excess-temperature protection (dimming) as well as the absence of electrolytic capacitors make sure that the lamp will last a long time, even in harsh environments. The built-in 5m wire with switch and plug for an easy installation makes the system setup very simple.  

The Solar Panels power is optimised for recharging the Lithium Battery. In order to recharge the battery faster or in case of higher energy demands, it is possible to add more solar power to the system; multiple Kits can be combined and recharged together. As multiple Kits can be combined and recharged together it is easy to expand existing systems on request. 

Solar Power Accessories

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