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Backup power

Perfect for mitigating the impact of load shedding, we offer solutions to help you overcome it and keep your lights on.

Solar power

Harness the sun and start generating and storing your own electricity. It's the cheaper, cleaner and smarter alternative.


Why 'rent' electricity from Eskom when you can finance your own energy asset and become energy independent?

The 3 pillars of a Solar System:

  • PV Solar Panels

    The Photovoltaic Solar Panels of your system determines the amount of power you will generate. 
    Generated power is either directly used or stored in batteries.
  • Battery Storage

    The size of your battery bank will directly determine the duration will have power at night or when no utility power is available.
    Adding a battery bank to your system allows you to have power at night and when the grid is not available.

    The size of your battery bank will directly determine the duration will have power in these conditions.
  • Inverter/Charger

    The size of the inverter size determine the peak power that can be supplied.
    The inverter will take power from the battery and supply the load. The inverter will also switch between utility power and battery power as needed and available.

    In cases where there is low PV production or no PV installed, it will use AC power (from the utility or a generator) to charge the batteries.

Let us help you design a solution that will fit your need, AND BUDGET.

Types of Solar Systems:


Best ROI solution as it does not include the expensive battery.

Make use of the Grid-Tied Inverter MPPT.

Grid-Tied with battery backup

Consist of a combination of Solar Chargers, Grid-Tie inverters, Inverter/Chargers and batteries.
Best solution if you want to generate power AND be more energy independent when the utility power is not available.

Off Grid

When there are not utility power available.
Consist of components like Solar Charge Controllers, Inverter/Chargers, batteries and even a Grid-Tied Inverter (if correctly installed)

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We make it easy in a few simple steps:

Scoping and Design

We build a system based on your current requirements, with future growth in mind. Our modular solutions allow growth on any of the 3 pillars of a solar System.


We pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction. We use the best products available, install and commission to the highest safety standards to achieve the expected results.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring ensures the systems performs as it should, allows us to catch any anomalies and address them in a timeous manner. 

All with the goal: to ensure maximum performance and life expectancy out of the investment.

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