The Impact of Load Shedding

Load shedding is estimated to cost our economy between 8 and R10 billion a month, understandably as Eskom currently provides 95% of our power.

Here are the top impacts load shedding has on business

Loss of Production
Stock Spoiling
Damage to electronics & machinery
Theft and Burglary
Battery life
Loss of profit

On the positive side, there are way to minimise the impact of load shedding

Keep up to date on the load shedding schedules
Solar power/alternative energy solutions
Surge Protection
Data Backups
Backup Batteries/UPS
As if the regular power outages are not bad enough, now consumers have to deal with an even darker side of load shedding – blown out appliances and criminals targeting their homes when the lights are off and defences are down.

Having to sit in a cold dark house for hours will make anyone miserable, but many consumers’ misery is being exacerbated by insurance companies refusing to pay for electrical appliances that are damaged by power surges when the lights come back on.

And while some consumers might be lucky enough to be compensated by their insurance companies, the inconvenience of having to file an insurance claim, is for many, a waste of time.

There are some quick, simple actions consumers can take to protect their appliances, the easiest of which is to unplug all electrical devices during a power cut.

According to insurance company Santam, not only will this prevent damage to your appliances, but it will also help to minimise the risk of a fire caused by power surges. Santam also advises consumers to install surge protectors that will protect your appliances.

The never-ending load shedding problem is a headache for consumers, but insurance companies and the police have also been affected. Police officers in the Western Cape have complained that they are unable to do their job effectively due to persistent power outages.

Sick of load shedding?

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